Women's Cinema in Ingelheim

Many female employees in the districts of Ingelheim, Mainz and Bad Kreuznach accepted theinvitation for a "Ladies Movie Night" of the IGBCE.

A cinema all by itself, with champagne reception and even an IGBCE trailer. Who's got this before? Eva Engel and Mareike Hanson conducted the event. It was "Hidden Figures," a real story about three women who worked at NASA in the early 1960s and who suffer discrimination based on color and gender. Although the film's plot was set in the last century, it found some parallels. Mareike Hanson concluded: "As women, we already rock the place. MIT.MUT. "Look forward".

Michaela Baumgärtner,
works council member at Boehringer Ingelheim, talks about Hidden Figures:

„I personally have seen this great film, which takes place in the USA in the sixties, several times. The film shows very clearly how people were discriminated against and humiliated at the time, without scenes of violence and bloodshed. The actresses show in a completely credible way this suppressed anger of women and their daily struggle with the racism that they encounter. So, for example, it's funny, but actually quite embarrassing to the women that they have to walk mile after mile just to get to the bathroom. Conclusion: a really interesting film that deserves to be seen!“