Engaged as a Vertrauensperson (Shop steward)

When and where did you first hear from the shop stewards?

The duties of the shop stewards

While works councils are responsible for the entire company, the IGBCE shop stewards are direct contact persons for the workforce. They form the link between employees and works councils. In companies, their number alone is always higher than the number of works council members. Shop stewards engage in dialog with members. In most cases, each department of a company has its own person of trust.

The most important task of the shop stewards is communication, that is, talking to their colleagues. They inform their work colleagues about new collective agreements, agreements, or new professional-relevant laws. They not only provide information, but they also listen to the workforce and look for concerns, suggestions for improvement and problems. They inform their colleagues about trade union issues and about their rights and obligations as workers. In addition, the shop stewards are involved in the important decisions of the collective bargaining commissions, thus influencing wages and salaries.

Take action

Vertrauensleute (shop stewards) are elected every four years. The next election will take place in 2024. If you are interested in joining the shop stewards or supporting us as a trade union member, please contact